End Caps

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End caps

An end cap is a protective cover or cap which is developed to fit inside the end of a pipe or mineral insulated cable to prevent a potential risk that the space between the junction of the thermocouple or the RTD elements is not according to the norm. 

Reduce production time and ensure the hermetic sealing of your pipe or mineral-insulated cable junction by using an end cap

Available from stock

AISI316L – AISI316Ti – AISI310 – AISI321 – AISI446

INC600 – INC601 – Alloy TD (also known as Nicrobel and Pyrosil)


  • Outer diameter remains the same
  • No air gap between junction and bottom
  • Fixed bottom thickness Flat bottom,
  • Efficient heat transfer inside thermowell
  • Samematerial as the mi-cable or tube (3.1B certificate included)