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Tubes can be supplied in three different options:

  1. production length
  2. Cut to length
  3. Deep drawn

Production length

Our European partner produce tubes in diameter from 0,3 up 76 mm. The tubes are welded, redrawn and can be annealed on customer demand.  Material certificated 3.1B included.


Cut to length

Are available in sizes from 0,3 up to 32 mm and will be supplied including 3.1B certificate. Cutting lengt starts at 10 mm (depending on the size)  up to 2000 mm Cut to length tubes can be supplied with both side open, but also with one side closed. Closing the tube has been done by laser welding.

Deep Drawn

Deep drawn tubes are cost effective tubes, mostly used for high volume applications. A disadvantage of deep drawn tubes is limitation of the lengths. The maximum length of our dee drawn is tubes 60 mm.

A list of deep drawn tubes is available on request.