Wire Wound RTD

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Wire wound RTD elements according to DIN EN 60751

The ceramic RTD construction design consists of a platinum coil encapsulated in a very high purity ceramic tube. The empty spaces remaining between the platinum coil and the pipe internal walls are filled out with a material which allow the platinum contraction and expansion movement during the temperature variations. 

This is precisely the main advantage of the wire wound construction type as, in this way, the hysteresis effects and permanent changes of the electric resistance values are considerably minimized, in addition to a remarkable stability over time. This construction also ensures the protection of the platinum coil against external pressures and forces. The ceramic sensors may be used on a wide temperature range, from -200 ºC to +1000 ºC.

  • KN designed up to -200…+660°C
  • K    designed up to -200…+850°C
  • KX designed up to -200…+1000°C

Standard temperature coefficient: Tc = 3850 ppm/K. Different temperature coefficients on demand. (3916 ppm/K – old JIS)

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Pt100 – tolerance IEC751 class A – 1/3DIN and 1/10DIN


  • Industrial Process Control
  • Automotive Systems
  • Medical devices and equipment (incubators, sterilization)
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Energy Production
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • High value-added equipment (dry block calibrator)
  • Laboratory equipment