Platinum Thermocouple Wire

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thermocouple wires

We provide accurate and reliable platinum thermocouple wire for temperature measurement applications. We offer Type R, Type S and Type B platinum thermocouple wire in many diameters, as well as other special alloys or coatings.

Each manufactured batch is tested and provided with calibration data and a quality certificate.

Wire diameter is uniform and within limits of +/- 0,005 mm (0,0002”). All wires are annealed, cleaned, and checked to assure uniform surfaces that guarantee long wire life and performance.

Only materials of extremely high purity are used for the manufacturing of thermocouples. Any contamination or mis-handling can have a significant detrimental impact on the accuracy of thermocouple measurements.

Refining and recycling of precious metals

Why Refining?

  • By turning precious metal bearing waste into raw materials, we put it back to the production process, thus giving new life to precious metals and helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment
  • The refining process reduces the need for raw materials, greatly reduces the use of energy and conserves resources that are associated with extracting, refining, transporting, and processing industrial catalysts. This means less air, water, and soil pollution, as well as the preservation of natural resources
  • The refining process helps you valorize your precious metal bearing waste effectively and retrieve it back into company assets.