Compression Fittings

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machined compression fittings

This stainless steel compression fitting provides a quick and convenient way of securing your temperature probe gas-tight at the correct immersion depth into the process it is measuring, fixing temperature probes in thermocouple heads or securing probes.


  • Designed to suit tube and temperature sensors from Ø 1,0 mm up to 1″.
  • Double ferrule is our standard. Other designs (single or Teflon seal) can be supplied as per customer requirements.
  • Standard materials AISI316 – AISI304/L – brass, and PTFE (Teflon). Other material options as Alloy600 and Alloy400 are available on request
  • Other non-standard or special threads can be supplied on request.
  • Plating options available for brass and carbon steel
  • Threaded ends protected with coded caps for instant thread identification
  • 3.1 material certificates optional