Thermocouple wire

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TC-Components offers thermocouple wires in a wide range types, diameters and tolerances. (Special limits and standard grade) All batches of finished thermocouple wire is calibrated according to international reference standards that are traceable to NIST and in compliance with IEC requirements.

Thermocouple type E, J, K, N and T

Tc typeAlloyTemp. range
Type ECu-CuNi-50°C...+740°C
Type J
Type KNiCr-Ni-200°C...+1250°C
Type NNiCrSi-NiSi-270°C...1300°C
Type TCu-Ni-270°C...370°C

Precious metal thermocouples, type S, R and B

Tc typeAlloyTemp. range
Type SPt10%Rh – Ptmax 1600°C
Type R
(Pt13%Rh-Pt)max 1600°C
Type B(Pt10%Rh-Pt6%Rh)max 1700°C