Thin film RTD elements according to DIN EN 60751

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Thin Film Platinum RTD Elements

Also known as a Thin Film RTD, Platinum Resistor or Platinum Temperature Detector) are characterized by high stability, interchangeability, low cost and fast response time due to their small size and low weight.

Platinum-chip temperature sensors type M and H are available in various versions as Pt100, Pt500, or Pt1000 temperature sensors. Special nominal values can be manufactured upon request. Platinum-chip temperature sensors are also available in small sizes with high ohmic load.

When installed as fixed units, they also provide excellent vibration resistance. The operating temperature depends on the respective version and, in normal cases, ranges from -70 to +600 °C.

The Surface mount RTD (SMD type) are designed for automated board mounting in high-volume applications.

Application Examples